Chlorella – Ancient Gift From Nature

Chlorella – Ancient Gift From Nature

This is the perfect gift for those interested in:

  • Sports
  • Exercise and Gym
  • Organic Health/Nutrition
  • Vegetarian/Vegan
  • Muscle Growth
  • Weight Loss Support
  • Natural Beauty
  • Skin Health
  • Anti Aging
  • Increase In Energy
  • Yoga/Meditation

A single-celled fresh-water algae, Chlorella is one of the most ancient life form in existence for over 2 billion years. Remarkably, for over 2 billion years, Chlorella, has stayed unchanged in structure.

Chlorella is considered by many to be a “perfect food”  filled with an immense amount  of nutrients and readily available chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll, which is similar to the blood of plants, is also very similar to the human blood, and is able to cleanse the human blood. while supplying the blood with oxygen.

Chlorellas’ oxygenating factors may alkalize the body, which is critical in helping prevent acid causing diseases, such as cancer and inflammation.

Cancer and disease cannot exist in highly oxygenated environments.

Chlorella is highly bioavailable. It assimilates in the body almost instantly and feeds the body with highly nutritious fats and proteins that have been predigested by the algae.

Chlorella is great for muscle growth and tissue, joint and bone health.

Chlorella is considered a complete vegetable protein, that is highly digestible.

Its high amount of protein makes it a staple for many people who do not eat meat.

Remarkably Chlorella is believed to contain 50% higher amount of protein than meat.

Chlorella is very unique in that it contains several growth factors, which offers amazing benefits similar to the human growth hormone!

Remarkable benefits of taking Chlorella:

  • 5 times the protein of eggs
  • Over 15 times the phosphorous of spinach
  • 30 times the magnesium of milk
  • Nearly 10 times the potassium of milk
  • Chlorella helps to support fatigue

Research in Japan showed Chlorella intake resulted in noticeable reductions in body fat percentages.

Chlorella Increases the white blood cell count, which increases immunity.

Chlorella Boosts muscle growth, recovery, and is a natural wound healer.

Chlorella protects the brain and nervous system.

Chlorella helps with elimination of pollutant and toxins in the body, from heavy metals to molds.

Chlorella reduces or eliminates body odors.

Chlorella has anti-tumor and may be used for cancer support.

Chlorella contains anti-mutagenic properties, which make it protective against toxins such as pharmaceutical drugs.

Recently, possibly the worlds cleanest Chlorella was created and grown indoors in tightly-controlled indoor growing conditions – This Chlorella is best suited for its ability to bind with toxic metals, pesticides, synthetic chemicals and remove them from the body.

Don’t be fooled by inferior, low grade, and even “organic” Chlorella.

This Chlorella, is the only one with laboratory tests proving it’s purer than any other source.

In fact, it is the cleanest commercially-grown Chlorella on the planet.

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