Premium Maca Blend

Premium Maca Blend

Containing a combination of 30% Red, 30% Black and 40% Cream Maca roots, Premium Maca Powder is an excellent all-purpose Maca for both Men and Women.

This product is excellent for anyone interested in:

  • Muscle Growth
  • Improved Complexion
  • Sports/Exercise/Fitness
  • Sexual Health
  • Organic Nutrition/Health
  • Weight Balance
  • Increased Energy

Our Rare, Premium Maca is the most potent Maca available in the world.

Maca has been used for over 2000 years stretching all the way back to Incan warriors who took it for training and preparation for battle.

Amongst the most highly prized, medicinal, and sought after of all is premium Maca, which is a combination of Red, Black and Cream Maca roots.

Grown traditionally near Junin, Peru, it is created using a unique process that preserves a much higher amount of the vital nutrients in Maca.

Unlike other Maca products, Instead of being sun dried after harvest, the fresh roots are immediately cleaned in a natural citrus solution, ground into a pulp and low temp dried.

This special processing leaves a much higher amount of glucosinolates, which are healing sulfur compounds, in the final product.

This helps make this ultra Premium grade Maca a powerful anabolic supplement, which can greatly improve muscle mass.

Since 50 years ago, natural bodybuilders and athletes around the world have used it in their training, with great success.

Premium Maca may stimulate the production of balanced levels of hormones: testosterone for men and estrogen for women.

Both men and women can benefit from taking Premium Maca for increased athletic performance and bodybuilding.

In fact, it is contained in hundreds of energy, muscle building, and endurance supplements.

Using this rare Premium Maca, bodybuilders may achieve superior health results naturally, without the use of chemicals, steroids, doping or other questionable techniques.

Our Rare, Exotic Premium Maca

  • The most complete and potent all-around Maca available
  • Maximum nutrient content.
  • Work out longer and more intensely.
  • Maca supports faster muscle recovery.
  • Increased endurance and muscular stamina
  • Contains 30% Red, 30% Black and 40% Cream colored Maca Roots
  • More concentrated and potent than single colored Maca powders
  • Special processing preserves and enhances vital nutrients including minerals and glucosinolates
  • Superior all-purpose Maca
  • Strongest tasting Maca

This product may support muscle growth and naturally increase levels of Testosterone levels in men and Estrogen in women.

premium-maca-powder-capsule.jpgOur Premium Maca root powder is:

  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Freshly Harvested
  • Fair Trade
  • GMO Free
  • Freshly harvested, carefully processed and packaged immediately
  • 100% Raw

This Premium Maca Powder is an excellent all-purpose Maca for both Men and Women.

Most bodybuilders and athletes we know and talk to take between 1 and 3 tablespoons of Maca per day. At those levels one kilo (2.2 lbs.) of Maca powder will last 45-60 days.

All of our Maca is certified organic, fair trade and fresh from our favorite organic farming cooperative in the Peruvian highlands. 

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