Xtrema Toxin-Free 10″ Ceramic Skillet

The Gift Of Toxin-Free Cooking

10″ 100% Ceramic, Non-Toxic Handmade Skillet

This is an excellent gift item for anyone interested in:

  • Cooking
  • High Quality Cookware
  • Improved Taste Of Food
  • Increased Nutrient Absorption
  • Increased Energy
  • Overall Well Being
  • Heavy Metal/Toxin Free Lifestyle

This is an excellent gift to help make delicious toxin-free meals for your family or someone you love.

This Superior quality, 100% Ceramic, non-toxic Skillet is celebrated by professional chefs for its far infrared cooking abilities.

This 100% Ceramic, non-toxic Skillet is made using the finest natural inorganic materials.

Unlike other conventional cookware, this 100% ceramic skillet is heavy metal, lead, cadmium and toxin-free.

When you cook using toxic cookware, as most of us do, toxic heavy metals are released into the food that we eat. Numerous studies around the world show heavy metals have disastrous effects on the body.

What is great about this cookware is that is incredibly durable and made not to scratch.

100% Ceramic, non-toxic Skillet cooks food evenly and has exceptional cooking results.

You may notice a BIG difference in the taste and quality of food being cooked using 100% ceramic Xtrema cookware.

Cook using 100% ceramic non-toxic cookware to create healthy quality cooked meals and enhance health.

This gift set comes with free shipping and a 50 year warranty.

This set includes:

  • (1) 10″ 2.5 QT Skillet
  • (1) Red Silicon Potholder
  • (1) 10″ Ceramic Skillet Cover


Click here to give the gift of toxin-free cooking.

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